, by Wouter van der Zee

My default browser is Safari. Safari has a feature called 'Top Hits'. These are websites you regularly visit. When you start typing a website address, Safari suggest Top Hits.

I thought it is a fun thing to type every letter of the alphabet and see which websites Safari comes up with. This results in my URL ABC.

You can do the same. I don't know if other browser have a similar function to Safari's Top Hits. Firefox auto completes URL's you type based on browsing history.

It's nothing serious, just for fun! You can create your own URL ABC. Share it on Twitter and use #urlabc. Then, many people can enjoy creating their own URL ABC.

Safari Top Hits url example - Wouter van der Zee, Webdesign
Start typing in Safari and it suggest Top Hit's.

URL ABC of Wouter van der Zee, November 2, 2017

A: auth.leaseweb.com : Leaseweb is the hosting provider of my own website.

B: be-theme-demo.dev : Project I’m currently working on. Sorry, it’s a local URL, you can not visit it.

C: codepen.io : Yep, created som pens lately.

D: demo.jamiemitchelldesign.com.au : I’ve absolutely no idea what this url is.

E: [espn.com/nba/)(http://www.espn.com/nba/) : The NBA section of ESPN, one of the first website I visit each morning.

F: forum.muffingroup.com : Forum for the WordPress Be theme, see B.

G: google.nl : No comment.

H: htmlreference.io : Beautiful designed HTML reference website.

I: imgbb.com : Using this to post images for the Be theme forum (see F).

J: jsfiddle.net : Spend some time here customizing a slider for a new HTML template I’m creating.

K: kleur – nl.wikipedia.org : Kleur is the Dutch word for color. I’m using text from this Wikipedia page as placeholder text in one of my projects.

L: live-radio.lwc.vrtcdn.be : Using this stream for listening to the Studio Brussel radio station.

M: muffingroup.com : Authors of the WordPress Be theme I’m using for a current project (see B, F and I).

N: nos.nl : Dutch news website.

O: onlinebibliotheek.nl : Website of my library (you know, the one with real books).

P: prothemedesign.com : Checked this webshop for WordPress themes I can use for client projects.

Q: quietrev.com : I’m an introvert. On this website I’ve learned a lot about being an introvert.

R: randomtext.me : A website for generating dummy text. Using it as an alternative for Wikipedia dummy text.

S: server.pro : I’m a huge Minecraft fan (it’s a game). With my 11-yr old son I rent a server on server.pro for our Minecraft world.

T: teuxdeux.com : My daily to do list thing website.

U: unicode.org : Sometimes I’m using Unicode for symbols on websites.

V: vasilis.nl : Blog of a Dutch webdesigner I regularly check.

W: woutervanderzee.nl : My own website, I see I’ve to switch to https…

X: https://xisumavoid.com : Great Minecrafter which videos I watch.

Y: youtube.com : Using YouTube for basketball games recaps and Minecraft playlists.

Z: zalando.nl : When buying shoes online, this is one of the shops I check.

That’s it. That’s my URL ABC.